Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thrifty Haircuts

Warning! What I am about to suggest for saving money on family haircuts may be down right risky and adventurous for sure was for me when I started doing it! I got this crazy idea that I could cut my family's hair when we stumbled upon a haircutting kit at Sam's Club in 2003. The price was right, my husband was a willing victim, and thus, mom cutting the family hair came into practice.

I have to say that I did have one haircut under my belt at the time. My uncle sure was a good sport! He asked me to cut his hair with his electric clippers. Somehow, I ended up trimming one side too high above the ear. I informed him of this, and he was pretty cool, calm and collected about it, so I proceeded to try to even out the rest of his hair to match. What resulted was not exactly pretty...since he was bald on the top, he ended up with what I would like to call "the monk cut"! He went and looked in the mirror, and after having a good laugh with me, he decided I should just shave it all off. I can do the completely bald haircut pretty well!

Our haircutting set is a set of clippers with attachments, scissors, clips, a comb, and a cape. I have to say that the attachments really help with giving a decent haircut. I also trim my children's hair, and I have even cut my own hair a time or two (that's more tricky than cutting someone else's hair!). Our haircutting set cost us around $18 at the time we purchased it. It more than paid for itself after one or two haircuts. We have saved hundreds, if not thousands of dollars now just by doing our own haircuts. And my husband is still handsome, even after I give him a trim :-)

If you are not quite so adventurous, I would highly suggest clipping coupons or watching for specials. Another option is to go to a local beauty college if you have one. We have a few around here, and if you let a student cut your hair, it is only around $4-$6 a piece, which really is a pretty good deal. And with that, I will wish you "happy haircutting"!

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