Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crockpots Are Our Friends

I LOVE my crockpot! When trying to be thrifty, you will find that a crockpot most definately is your friend. There are many advantages to using the crockpot vs. using the stove or oven. The energy used to cook with the crockpot is less than using the oven or stove, thus saving money on your energy bill. Using my crockpot also allows me to plan ahead for busy days and have a meal ready to go for supper instead of eating out when I know there is going to be a time crunch in the evenings (that saves lots of money too!). It is also easier to eat healthy using the crockpot.

My favorite part about using the crockpot is that it allows me to prepare dinner for my family in the mornings (my most productive part of the day) rather than in the evenings, when I am starting to get tired. If I plan ahead and use the crockpot, it is easier to resist eating out or feeding my family convenience food that really isn't that healthy. Plus, my house smells good all day from the food cooking!

Some things I make in my crockpot regularly include lasagna, chili, pea soup, pot roast, chicken and rice, lentil soup, and pork ribs. In the near future, I will be posting some of my crockpot recipes, so stay tuned!

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