Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yet Another Reason To Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Recently, there have been reports that have come out stating that women who use commercial cleaning products more frequently have higher rates of breast cancer. Many of the chemical ingredients in these cleaning products are harmful and toxic to the human body. And, because of government regulations, manufacturers of these products are not required to disclose all the ingredients in the cleaners. I have tried to read the labels of these products before, and I have seen many that said, for example, "Ingredients: Surfactants", and that's all it will list.

I started making my own cleaners mainly because of my asthma, as the fumes in the commercial cleaners really bothered my lungs. However, I also realized that making my own was quite a bit cheaper than buying them, and you also get rid of the chemical exposure when using natural ingredients in your cleaning solutions. Another reason I love making my own is because my children can safely use them when I ask them to help me clean, and because it is non-toxic to them (and pets!) when used as the main household cleaning products.

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There are several experts who disagree with the findings of the study, and report that since household cleaning product use was self-reported (after the patient was already diagnosed), that the information is skewed and unreliable. However, in light of that, I don't agree that the information should just be ignored. I don't trust using these chemicals in my home, for my asthmatic health reasons, but also because I do tend to believe that they are poisonous and do have the potential to cause harm to human bodies.

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