Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Cleaning Cost Saver + Recycling

I used to absolutely love the little Clorox type disposable cleaning wipes. They were convenient, and I could throw it away and forget about it. But I did begin to notice that the price of using those can add up quickly. Plus, really it just adds to the trash at the landfill. Aside from the fact that there were yucky chemicals in them, I decided that we needed to do something else.

You can recycle old clothes, dishtowels, etc., that are not nice enough to pass on to someone else, plus you keep them out of the landfill. You can do this by cutting them up and using them as cleaning rags. I just recently got some new dishtowels for Christmas, so it motivated me to go through my old towels and make some of the less-than-stellar looking ones into cleaning rags. I cut them into quarters, and they make an excellent rag. It saves you money, plus, it is environmentally friendly all at the same time!

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