Tuesday, February 2, 2010

File Your Taxes For Free

Ah, yes, the dreaded season of taxes is upon us! I wanted to let you know that there is a way prepare and file your taxes for free. It's called "Free File", and you can find an online service through http://www.irs.gov/ . When you get there, click on the "free file" icon. This service is free as long as your adjusted gross income is less than $57,000. As long as you have all of your forms, and you don't have any complicated tax issues, it is really easy to use free file to file your taxes. Generally, they ask you a few questions and take you step by step through the tax forms. We have used free file through H & R Block (just select H & R Block from the website menu when they give you the company choices, if that's the one you want to use). Make sure you go through the IRS website to use free file, otherwise you might not get the free deal. We have used this for a few years now, and will continue to use it as long as our tax stuff isn't too terribly complicated (I know, I know - it's kind of an oxymoron to say that our taxes aren't too terribly complicated!).

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