Sunday, February 7, 2010

Save On Paper Products

Quick question. How much do you spend on paper products per month? Things like toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, etc.? This is another area that you can save some money on and cut costs. I like paper towels, but a handtowel works better and is reusable. It's as simple as throwing it in the wash and using it again, and all it costs is the initial cost of the towel. Same with napkins. You can easily switch to cloth napkins and cut costs long term there too. I will keep paper towels and napkins around the house, but they are used sparingly, like when we have guests. The rest of the time we use cloth. I do laundry anyway, so it really is easy to just throw the extra handtowels we use into the wash. If you spend, say $20 a month on paper towels and napkins, that is $240 a year in savings just by switching those two products to cloth products. And the added benefit of being a good steward of this earth God gave us by wasting less.

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