Friday, February 19, 2010

Just Say No To The Cashier!

We went out for a bit of shopping at a few stores this evening. One consistent thing that each store did was to have the cashier offer a 10% discount if we signed up for their store credit card on the spot. Then if you say no thanks, they try to tempt you with the extra coupons they send out to cardholders. Despite the floundering economy, these credit card offers persist like a pesky fly that just won't go away.

It never used to be this way. Even just 5-10 years ago, customers were not bombarded with credit card offers every single time they shopped their local department stores. It is rather annoying, and the benefits of their cards are not worth it. Often times, the store credit cards are charging interest rates of over 20%. Insane!

I am not a big fan of credit cards to begin with. I am an advocate for living within your means and using credit as little as possible. We ourselves are still working towards that goal. When you get that credit card bill, will you remember what you are paying for? You will be better off in the long run to just say no to that cashier. That 10% discount on your current purchase will not even begin to cover the interest charges you will get when the bill comes, and the stores are counting on that. Don't just walk away from those store credit card offers, RUN!!!!

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