Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tips for Cutting Costs

We are so very blessed here in America. There are certain things that have been deemed by many to be necessities, but really aren't. I am talking about things like cable TV, cell phones, extra phone services, internet, etc. If you consider how much you are spending each month for these types of services, and then calculate what it costs per year for these services, it can be a real eye opener on how much these things actually cost.

There are several ways to cut costs associated with these services. One would be to cancel the cable and just watch the local channels that are free. Is your phone service basic phone service, or is it a spendier package (caller ID, call waiting, etc.)? If you have a home phone, is a cell phone really necessary? These are all things to consider and weigh when looking to cut your costs. If you feel you cannot part with these services, some companies offer a package deal called bundling (phone, cable, internet all from the same company, discounted for using all of their services). It is definitely worth it to look into some sort of bundling deal or promotion, it will often save lots of money off of your monthly bills for these services seperately.

Assess how often you are using your cell phone. For us, the monthly cost of around $50 was not worth it. I was only using my cell phone very rarely, so we decided that it was something that could be cut once our contract was up. I bought a Tracfone for around $10, and now I only buy minutes for what I actually need. I don't use it often, but it is nice to have for the convenience of communicating with my husband, or in case of emergency. Now we spend $30 every few months for cell phone service instead of $50 a month.

These are just a few ideas, but if you need to cut costs, these ideas can really significantly make a difference in your budget.

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