Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Steam Cleaner Solution Alternative

I love having my own steam cleaner. It makes cleaning up tough messes easier. Since I have mostly hardwood floors, I don't need a full size one. I have a smaller unit that has a hand held nozzle, but it works well for steam cleaning our rugs and the furniture. In the past, I have always bought the cleaning solution from the store. My only problem with that is the smell, the cost, and the chemicals. I finally used the rest of my supply of cleaning solution at home, so I tried something a little different. Instead of cleaning solution, I put an equal amount of white vinegar in the machine in place of the solution. It works great! White vinegar not only disinfects, but it deoderizes as well. Plus it doesn't bother my asthma, and less chemical exposure in my house is always a goal. From now on, I will be using vinegar in my steam cleaner instead of the expensive cleaning solution.

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