Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cut Your Car Insurance Costs

We have used Progressive for auto insurance for a few years now. Our main reason for that is because they have been able to give us the best rate, hands down. I have periodically tried to get quotes from other companies, and they just could not even come close to matching or beating the price Progressive gave to us (like, by several hundred dollars!). I finally checked with a local insurance agency that represents several different brands of insurance. They were able to beat the price of Progressive, by around $40 for six months of coverage. Spread that out over a year, and that is $80 worth of additional savings.

We carry full coverage insurace on our vehicle, a mini van. To break the difference in savings down, when we have checked around on rates before, most places were asking around $450 for six months of coverage. We checked with Progressive, and they offered the same coverage for around $260. Obviously, most places were not able to beat that price! My husband suggested we try a local insurance agency that sells several brands of insurance. We did, and they were able to give us a rate of $220, and that was for slightly better coverage than we had with Progressive.

So, my main point in all of this is to shop around for the best deal. Even better, try a local insurance agency that deals with several insurance companies. They will usually know which company will give you the best rates, or you could get several quotes in one place because they do deal with several companies.
As for a few more ideas on saving on your car insurance, pay up front for all six months if possible. The reason for this is that if you do monthly payments, or some other payment plan, they often charge you an extra fee of around $5 per month for processing. That is an extra $30 added to the quoted rate for six months. Also, many insurance companies will give additional discounts if you carry other types of insurance with them as well, such as home owner's insurance. It may be worth it to switch things around if they can give you a better rate on that. As for us, when they asked what insurance company we insured our home with, they were upfront with us and said they could not beat the rates that company offers.

Hopefully this has given you a few more ideas on how you can save additional money on your auto insurance!

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