Monday, April 19, 2010

Saving Money On Handsoap

In our family, it seems like we go through alot of handsoap. The good side of that is that it means people are washing their hands and having good hygiene. Going through alot of handsoap can add up quickly, though. We have found a way to have plenty of handsoap to use for around $14 per year for our family of 5. Pretty impressive, huh?

Here's my secret, revealed to the public at no cost, LOL. I go to Sam's Club and buy the four pack of Dial foaming soap dispensers for around $7. Then I get a ginormous (is that even a technical word? I keep hearing all the cool kids saying it.) container of Member's Mark handsoap, also for around $7. When the foaming soap dispensers are empty, I refill them 1/4 of the way with handsoap, fill the rest with water, put the pump back on, and shake to mix the soap and water. The pump will then continue to dispense a foamy soap for hand washing. In our experience, the ginormous container of soap stretches for a whole year before we have to buy a new one.

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