Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quick and Easy Iced Tea

During the summer, I love having iced tea around every now and then! I have found a really easy, quick way to make a large pitcher of iced tea. I take 3-4 bags of tea and place them in the coffee maker, in place of a filter with coffee. That is how I quickly brew my tea. Then, I put the tea in a large pitcher and fill the remaining space in the pitcher with water. It goes in the fridge for a few hours, and is ready to drink. If you want to make it cold faster, fill the large pitcher to the top with ice and pour the tea over it, then fill it to the top with water if there is any room left. As a side note, you should not try the ice in the pitcher if it is glass because the extreme temperatures between the cold ice and the hot tea could cause it to shatter (I won't tell you how I know that!). And it only costs a few cents for that whole pitcher of tea. A great, simple, cheap, summer beverage choice!

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