Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bulk Spices

I went to the store today in need of some dill weed for a soup I am making for dinner. I usually prefer fresh dill, but right now in our area there is really no place to get it. Plus, I like growing it in our garden and picking it fresh to use, but that's only during the summer. But anyhow, back to buying it at the store. In the past, I have paid anywhere from $3.oo to $6.00 for a bottle of dill. I was pleasantly surprised to find organic bulk spices at the store, at a hugely reduced price when compared to buying pre-packaged spices. Plus the organic factor is a bonus! I bought a baggie of dill (about as much as comes in a bottle when I buy it that way) for $1.00.

Don't let the price tags on the spices scare you. The price tag on the dill said it was $19.99 a pound. Yeah, that sounds scary! However, the amount of dill I purchased weighed around 1/2 an ounce, so it turned out that I got a nice amount of dill for a small price. Many of the spices are sold by the pound, but they weigh so little that it really doesn't cost that much to get an adequate amount of the spice. So, the benefits for me to buy the spices in bulk are that they cost less that way, they are organic, and I can buy in any amount that I want to. Yay!

P.S. The picture came from www.naturallifemagazine.com/9604/herbs.htm

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