Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day Blowout At Zulily!

Zulily is having a great sale this weekend in honor of Labor Day.  While it looks like there are many deals to be had, they have one especially good deal.  Children's coats are on sale from around $10-$20 a piece.  If you haven't gotten a winter coat for your kids yet this year, it looks like you can get a great deal and save lots of money for a brand new coat.  They also have fall jackets for under $10 a piece.  I hope you can find some good deals!  Happy shopping!


laurabeth1976 said...

It sounds like you found some great deals. I would suggest checking out Burlington Coat Factory. We were just shopping there today, and we got great Girls Winter Coats for our twin daughters, as well as some new school clothes for amazingly affordable prices. I think I fell in love. We'll definitely be back when it time to do our spring/summer shopping.

thethriftyhousewife said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Laurabeth1976! I don't have a Burlington Coat Factory where I live, but I have heard alot of great things about it :)