Saturday, August 27, 2011

50-70% Off At Borders Bookstore - Going Out Of Business Sale

As many people know, Borders Bookstore is going out of business soon.  While I am very sad the store is closing (we adore books and reading in this family), it does mean that some good deals are to be had.  We stopped by our local Borders today to check out the sale.  Everything in the stores is now 50-70% off.*  Some of the items were pretty well picked over, but there was still plenty to browse through.  We didn't spend much, but did come out with a few bargains.  My girls found some paper doll books that ended up being 80 cents each after the discount (they were bargain priced, with an additional 60% off), I found a book for myself, and we also bought a jewelry craft book.  All in all, we spend a little under $7.00 and came out with a few things to keep us busy (for now, anyways!).

*These deals can only be found in Borders stores, and it excludes items from

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Linda said...

Awesome! I love book sales.